Interview with (Military) Executive Chef Rene Marquis

Sargeant First Class Rene Marquis

CafeMom Studios has a YouTube series called, “Dinner Boot Camp,” where executive and top military chef, Sergeant First Class Rene Marquis (CEC ®, CCE ®, CCA ™, AAC ® / AAC Military Regional Director) shows moms how to make affordable and healthy meals. He is one of the Army’s finest chefs.  I watched some of  his instructional videos on YouTube through CafeMom Studios and they’re amazing! I had an opportunity to interview Executive Chef Rene Marquis through This is an interview that I’d been looking forward to because not only is Executive Chef Rene a very talented and successful chef, he is also a top military chef.  The amount of training and certifications that he maintains is quite extensive. I was so happy that he was able to take time out of his busy schedule to speak with me.  Most of his meals can be created in 30 minutes or less. The Food Network has Rachel Ray and the military has Chef Rene! I have included the first episode below:

Video courtesy of CafeMom and You Tube
To view the entire series click here

Chef Rene doing what he does best!

Chef Rene doing what he does best!

1.) How did you become the host of Dinner Boot Camp? “I heard through word of mouth that CafeMom was soliciting chefs for a series that they were creating.”

2.) What is your favorite food to eat or prepare? “I’m a classically trained chef but my favorite foods eat and prepare are French and Asian Cuisine.”

3.) Did you begin your military career as a chef or did you transition into that MOS? “I was a chef before joining the Army. Cooking has always been my passion. I attended the Culinary Institute of America before joining the military. After basic training, I ended up being a personal chef for a three star general.”

4.) There are many families who would love to prepare healthier meals. Do you know of any ways that military families can buy healthier foods even with the modest budget that many of the military families have? “Preparing healthy meals is not expensive but buying a lot of the process foods is expensive. You can buy many healthy foods like fresh vegetables or making things homemade that actually cuts the cost.”

5.) How do you come up with some of the dishes that you make because from looking at your videos they all look so delicious? “I actually prepare whatever I have the craving for but I also plan in advance.”

6.) Could you ever see yourself having a show on the Food Network or the cooking channel? “I applied to Top Chef on Bravo and was told that I was overqualified. I have also applied to the show Chopped.”

7.) Do you have any tips for spouses that would love to become a chef or foodies like that just enjoy cooking. “When shopping at the Commissary, I recommend shopping the three outside aisles of the Commissary. For an example, produce, meats/fish and dairy.

8.) What is the best part about being a chef? “I love to teach so showing people how to do simple things like how to separate an egg etc. is what I enjoy doing.  Dinner Boot Camp has many instructional videos like how to make teriyaki sauce. I teach during the day.

Chef Rene Collage

This was only a small portion of my conversation with Chef Rene. There is so much more that I would like to include in this post but for the sake of space, I’m going to direct you to a pretty in-depth biography of Chef Rene for those who would like to learn more about him. His training and experience is quite extensive! I also learned that he is one of the highest Certified Chefs in the military. Chef Rene is also one of the four qualified American Culinary Federation judges in the Armed Services. We have so many talented and highly skilled service members serving our country and I’m so proud and honored that he’s one of them so thank you Chef Rene for your service and sharing your extraordinary gift with the Army.

To learn more about Executive Chef Rene Marquis (SFC) head on over to

And once again, if you would like to check out the entire Dinner Boot Camp through CafeMom Studios click here

I love to cook and learning how to prepare new dishes so at least one of the TVs in my home is always tuned the Food Network or the Cooking Channel! Do any of you have a favorite show or chef that you enjoy watching? Please let me know in the comments and as always thanks for reading!


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